Honoring Healthcare Workers

Free Admission for Healthcare Workers

We are thankful to the brave and committed healthcare professionals who have cared for others during this national healthcare crisis. We would like to show our appreciation by offering all healthcare workers free admission to the museum.

Simply present your work identification card at our ticketing counter and you will be admitted free of charge. Thank you for your service.

Free admission applies to those who provide credentials of employment at a healthcare institution. Free admission applies to healthcare workers only; excludes spouses, family members, or other guests with the group.

The Bible and Healing

The Bible is filled with stories of healing and has inspired many to study medicine, build hospitals, and pursue other endeavors to heal the sick and injured.

As we welcome you back to the museum, we invite you to learn more about how the Bible has inspired so many to advance healthcare throughout the world, and how it has served as a source of hope in difficult times, in our exhibit on the Bible and Health located on Floor 2. This exhibit traces the development of modern healthcare facilities from mandates related to health and healing found in the Bible.

The history of healthcare itself has its roots in an act of worship, and modern hospitals can trace their existence to institutions developed in the early centuries of Christianity. Highlighted artifacts include Primitive Physick by John Wesley (1747), Biblical and Talmudic Medicine by Julius Preuss (1911), and Notes on Nursing by Florence Nightingale.

Healthcare and the Bible

The Bible and Healthcare

Health and The Brazen Serpent