The Hebrew Bible Experience

In this 30-minute experience, encounter significant narratives from the Hebrew Bible, including the stories of Noah's ark, the burning bush and the Passover!

The votes are in . . . and Museum of the Bible’s Hebrew Bible Experience is the winner!

Praised by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Thea Awards Committee as “an outstanding solution to a formidable, interpretive design challenge” showing a “high level of excellence,” Museum of the Bible’s Hebrew Bible Experience attraction is the recipient of the prestigious Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement — Museum Exhibit. The Thea awards are an annual recognition of “achievement, talent, and personal excellence within the themed entertainment industry.” Read more in the Press Release.

Here’s what guests have said about the Hebrew Bible Experience:

“The Hebrew Bible Experience was amazingly well done, using the best of modern technology.” – Rachel L.

“The Hebrew Bible 30-minute tour on [Floor 3] was simply incredible. More fun than anything at Disneyland and absolutely stunning.” – Betico Por El Mundo

The Hebrew Bible, an immersive walk-through experience based on the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament

This series of walk-through scenes are theatrical environments inspired by art installations and constructed with high-tech finishes. There are five automated shows placed throughout the experience. Groups of up to 40 guests enter the experience according to a pulsed schedule, with a new group entering approximately every five to seven minutes.

From the moment they enter Stories of the Bible, guests are enveloped in a custom musical score and sound design. Each of the 15 scenes inside The Hebrew Bible features one-of-a-kind multimedia environments, theatrical lighting and specialized surround sound—all designed to surprise and immerse the audience. The walk-through contains five mini-theaters presenting high-definition video in unconventional environments. A complex master show control system synchronizes thousands of elements and gently guides the guests through each of the scenes to ensure every guest receives a spectacular experience.

    The 15 Scenes of the Hebrew Bible Experience

    1. Hebrew Bible Queue

    In this queuing area, a docent prepares guests for their journey into the Hebrew Bible. Stylized wall graphics display iconic visuals that represent key stories in the Hebrew Bible. A greeting over the PA system welcomes guests to Stories of the Bible and invites them into the next room to view a special presentation.

    2. Prologue

    Guests enter an intimate presentation space. The lighting is elegant and warm. The walls are simple, except for what appears to be an ancient Hebrew scroll. Projection mapping transforms the scroll into a window, which then spreads out beyond the scroll as lighting and special effects completely immerse guests in the story of creation and the children of Israels’ relationship with God.

    3. World in Chaos

    After leaving the prologue, guests walk through a gallery representing the world in chaos. A massive, dimensional diorama depicts the killing of Abel by his brother Cain as the world is plunged into turmoil. A dramatic scene of Noah being called by God to build an ark is layered on glass pillars. Theatrical lighting and sound effects foreshadow the coming of the great flood.

    4. The Great Flood

    Next, guests walk through a unique, stylized representation of the great flood. Stacks of boxes tower over them. Inside each box are artistic representations of animals—two by two—lit by flickering candlelight. Guests hear the raging of the storm outside and the creaking of the woo

    5. A New Beginning

    Continuing their journey, guests enter a minimalist space filled with color and light. This is a representation of God’s promise after the great flood. From above, colors of the rainbow slowly shift, bathing guests in light.

    6. Replenish the Earth

    The next space is a queuing area for the Abraham show. The 10 generations between Noah and Abraham are depicted in a stylized family tree. In this space, guests are able to relax and prepare for the next presentation.

    7. Patriarchs and the Promise

    Guests gather inside a deconstructed desert tent. The flickering lights bring the story of Abraham and the children of Israel to life by shadow play.

    8. Moses Is Called

    Using awe-inspiring special effects, a hyssop bush bursts into flames as God calls Moses to free his people from bondage in Egypt. This effect begins during the end of the Patriarchs show and draws guests toward the Passover room.

    9. Passover

    The night of the first Passover is brought vividly to life through 360-degree audio. Guests hear the drama raging outside as the plagues descend on Egypt. Inside, guests stand with a sculpture of an Israelite family under God’s protection, hopeful on this night of freedom.

    10. Exodus from Egypt

    The doors open and guests walk through the Exodus space. Dramatic stretched-cable walls with water lighting effects envelop them as they pass through the sea.

    11. Mount Sinai

    Guests arrive at Mount Sinai and walk through a room filled with the words of the covenant. A single, bright light inside a deconstructed ark of the covenant shines through cutout words, immersing the room—and guests—in light. This is the moment the tribes of Israel are transformed into a people. Three graphic panels around the room depict key elements of the events that took place at Mount Sinai.

    12. Crossing the Jordan

    Guests exit Mount Sinai and enter a round room reminiscent of a dry riverbed. This is the moment when the Israelites cross the Jordan River. A tower of 12 large stones is stacked in the center of the room, each marked with the name of one of the tribes.

    13. Judges of Israel

    The last walk-through gallery is of the judges of Israel. Here, fractured architecture highlights the centuries-long struggle of the Israelites coming together.

    14. The Devotion of Ruth

    Exiting the dark confines of the Judges of Israel gallery, guests come upon a clean, simple and light space. A series of stone-like panels fill the length of the room, floating off the wall. As the show begins, the stones come to life with colorful visuals telling the story of Ruth.

    15. Journey Home

    The final gallery in The Hebrew Bible is The Journey Home. It tells the story of David and the rise and fall of the kingdom of Israel through three-sided projection mapping and a state-of-the-art sound system. At the end of the show, the gallery is transformed back into a simple architectural space as guests exit the experience back into the museum atrium.