Internships Program

Museum of the Bible supports the professional development of college and university students by playing an integral role in experiential learning. The internship program offers positions to students of various academic backgrounds and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. Our goal is to partner with colleges and universities to promote professional development through unique learning opportunities, to match students based on their professional interests and to assist them in building specialized skills.

Museum of the Bible offers a variety of internships to students and recent graduates. Internships are available in the following departments:

  • Collections*
  • Communications/Social Media
  • Creative
  • Events
  • Finance (Revenue - Gift Shop)
  • IT
    • Business Systems*
    • Interactive Systems
    • Service Desk
  • Marketing and Community Relations
  • Museum Education
  • Museum Registration
  • Outreach
  • Partnership Relations
  • Theater

* Please note that areas marked with an asterisk (*) are located at the museum’s corporate offices in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

* Each of the internships listed above may not be offered every semester. Please check the careers page on Museum of the Bible's website to see which internships are offered for the upcoming semester. You will find a detailed position description of the internship on the Museum of the Bible careers page.

* You may apply to more than one internship

Students must submit all application materials through the application process available on the Museum of the Bible careers webpage. Applications will be reviewed by Museum of the Bible to select students for each internship placement. A deadline to apply for the program will be set approximately 2 months before the internship begins.

Required documents:

  • Résumé
  • Transcript (official or unofficial)
  • Cover letter
  • 2 letters of recommendation (1 professional, 1 personal)

* You must submit ALL application materials in order to be considered for the internship(s).

Internship Application Deadlines for 2020:

    • Spring: Friday, 1 November 2019
    • Summer: Friday, 13 March 2020
    • Fall: Friday, 17 July 2020

Minimum Qualifications/Eligibility

  • Undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled in college-level courses (minimum 18 years old) or a recent graduate
  • Commitment to a 10- to 12-week placement. Hours and duration of internship will depend on the requirements of the university as well as the scope of the projects on which the intern will be working:
    • Minimum number of hours per week: 8
    • Maximum number of hours per week: 40
  • Please see the internship posting on the careers webpage for additional qualifications

Internships are unpaid. However, students may gain academic credit for their internship hours. Museum of the Bible can make arrangements with each intern to ensure that he/she is meeting their university’s requirements. Please consult your university’s career services center for more information regarding internship accreditation. You may also check to see if your university offers any type of assistance to students for unpaid internships.


Who is eligible to apply?

Undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled in a university or college may apply to the internship program based on his/her area of study. Internships are offered in a variety of different departments, and interns will be selected based on their experience and skills for the internship position to which they apply.

How long does it typically take to hear back about the status of my internship application?

It can take a few weeks to hear any updates on the status of your application due to the review and processing of applicants. Museum of the Bible will reach out to you by email.

If I am not accepted for the internship position this semester, may I be considered in the future?

Yes. You must reapply to the program, however, and submit all application materials in order to be considered for future internships. You may reapply every semester as long as you are enrolled in an academic program.

Are there paid internships?

At this time, Museum of the Bible does not offer paid internships. Accepted applicants are encouraged to connect with their college or university and Museum of the Bible to receive academic credit for their placement. It is the intern’s responsibility to obtain the appropriate paperwork from their university.

How will I know if I’ve been selected for an interview?

You will receive an email from Museum of the Bible with an offer to interview with the intern supervisor. Please note that most interviews are scheduled in person. If you are not currently in the Washington, DC, area, Museum of the Bible can make other arrangements depending on the circumstances.

Will Museum of the Bible cover housing and travel expenses for the intern?

No. Museum of the Bible does not provide housing accommodations or a travel stipend for interns. Interns are responsible for finding and making their own housing arrangements as well as transportation to and from the museum. Please check with your university to see if it has student housing options or if it has access to other networks for housing recommendations. There are also many housing boards available for the Washington, DC, area.

How long is the internship placement?

The internship lasts 10-12 weeks for each of the spring, summer and fall semesters. Interns will complete orientation together on the first day of the internship placement.

For all other questions regarding internships for undergraduate and graduate students at Museum of the Bible, please email