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"The light of the eyes rejoices the heart." - Proverbs 15:30

Safety: The Covid Commandments

Thou Shalt Practice Social Distancing

We are excited to welcome everyone back to the museum. During your visit we will work hard to keep you safe.

Bring Your Church Group Here for Fellowship

Conducting church services, Bible studies, and youth group gatherings via conference call is just not the same as being together. Bring your church group here to learn about the Bible TOGETHER in a spacious and safe environment.
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Museum of the Bible Gift Cards Now Available!

Are you looking for that special gift for a colleague, friend, or loved one? Give them the gift of a great family experience with a Museum of the Bible gift card. Featuring six beautiful designs, Museum of the Bible gift cards are good for any occasion.
Speaker Series

400 Years Since Plymouth

On October 7, hear Professor John Turner and a distinguished panel discuss the Pilgrims, Plymouth, and the development of religious liberty in early America.
Speaker Series

Locating the Lost City of the Apostles

The city of Bethsaida, mentioned so often in the New Testament, has not been definitively located. On October 1, listen to Professor R. Steven Notley present his research on the location of the "Lost City of the Apostles."